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What will Statewide PA do in handling my claim?

We at Statewide Public adjusters, Inc. will perform a wide range of functions in handling your claim:

We will interpret your policy and the many aspects of coverage which applies to your particular loss, to see that you get the full benefit of the policy of which you paid the premiums. 

We will follow the guidelines provided by both your insurance policy and the statutes and laws that govern insurance laws in your state. 

We will be there to meet with your insurance company so you are not alone to answer all the relevant questions regarding valuation of the loss. I can't express enough, that unless you have our representation initially, this may cost you thousands of dollars at the onset of your claim.

We will photograph, document, and do the necessary research to support and substantiate your claim. Most insurance companies are a lot more comfortable paying claims that are well documented and substantiated.

We will prepare all of the inventories, estimates, and the filing of all the necessary claim forms to see that your claim is handled diligently and expeditiously. We will work to get your settlement money in your hands as soon as possible.

 We will keep your insurance company from directly spending your money by paying their contractors and cleaning companies. We believe that your settlement proceeds should be spent by you and not the insurance company. We think that the money belongs in the hands of the person that paid the premiums, you the insured.


Why Statewide PA and not just use the insurance companies claims adjuster?

Because we work for you!  The insurance company's claims adjusters are employed exclusively by that company and quite naturally are paid to protect their interest. Why would you want the same person telling you how much damage your claim is worth that has to write you the check? This is the ultimate conflict of interest. It is like letting the IRS file your tax return. You want someone on your side that knows every aspect of filing claims from the perspective of and the benefit of you, the insured.

Your insurance policy says that you have the right to tell them how much damage you are claiming and the amount of your loss. In fact, it is a requirement of most insurance policies covering property damage. Most insurance companies require that you file a "Proof of Loss" claim form within 60 days from the date of loss, or  60 days from the time that they request it (usually in writing within the first few days of you reporting the loss). This is why you will be provided with these blank forms from your insurance company. Wouldn't you like to tell them what amount the loss is you are claiming rather than the other way around? The only problem is you don't know how to arrive at that amount, we do. Oh, and don't expect your insurance company to tell you how to present the claim. They would much rather have you let them do it.


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